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Revive. Manifest. Thrive.

I will help you eat more delicious raw and cooked plant-based cuisine by introducing you to recipes and preparing foods you can purchase that will make life much easier.
I will help you MANIFEST anything you want in life without feeling overwhelmed, through guided meditation, teaching you how to successfully mind shift and eating whole plant-based.
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The Spirit Doctor

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Harper & Hicks Kitchen

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The Spirit Doctor

As earthlings in this physical life, what we are given comes with an entrusted purpose.  My purpose has proven itself to be dedicated to assisting others holistically in the most avid and zealous ways; through cleansing of the mind, body, and spirit.  I am your spirit doctor, here to help raise your vibrations by nurturing your spirit and nurturing your spirit by manifesting you and eating more plant-based foods.

Welcome to my page and welcome to this intentional wave of virtual holistic innovations!


So, what do I do for a living?  I live in purpose and on push.  Energetically, I gift our world as an author, raw vegan/vegan chef, guided meditation instructor, podcaster, motivational speaker, true energy shifter, and manifesting GODDESS!


I like to get personal and want you to know more about me; it’s the most vulnerable way to receive all that you need.  That being said, in my heart of hearts I LOVE…to cook, my spirituality, my family, live concerts, listening to every wave of music, art galleries, long road trips in my solar camper van, good conversations, living minimally, watching it rain, animals, living my best life w/ my soul’s favorite mate, LGBT rights, eating popcorn, impromptu friend dates, swimming laps, watching scary movies, aligning my chakras, reading, being near the water, African dancing, meditating, writing, silence, running through open fields, being in love with myself, and showing love to all others.


So, click around my site and if I can elevate you in any way so that you can better serve yourself and others through spirit and/or food, let me know. 


With bliss.





Meet T. Starr

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Gratitude Words

“Chef Thandika makes cuisine that feeds your soul. She catered one of my business meetings and her raw vegan lasagna was a hit even amongst meat eaters.  People had seconds and would have taken food to go if there was more.  Her curry lentil veggie soup not only taste fresh, but marinated in flavors. Each bite was nourishing and rejuvenating.  It is a dish that you don’t want to share but feels like everyone should have.“ 


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