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Custom Guided Meditations

(Booking is for consult first.)

  • 30 minutes
  • Call/Video Chat

Service Description

Being able to meditate is having the power to quiet your mind and have peace and solitude everywhere. Being consistent with your meditation practices will make it easier while also building more relaxation and peace within your own life in the midst of constant noise and chaos. LET ME HELP YOU START BUILDING YOUR MEDITATION COLLECTION NOW! How do you start? With me. I provide virtual personalized guided meditations where I guide your thoughts with the sound of my voice to assist you with keeping your focus. My services can be in person or virtual. With the virtual choice, you will receive a digital copy of YOUR personalized guided meditation. Think about it, you can start building your MEDITATION COLLECTION of all things YOU. So booking more than one session is BEST. Have access to all your meditations on your phone and/or computer at any time you need. Remember, how you start or end your day carries, but doing guided meditations here and there will help dictate and promote better mental and spiritual health to carry over instead. I specialize in visualization, manifestation, and affirmational guided meditations; all being mindful. I am also available for in-person individual, couple and group guided meditations sessions as well; if that interest you, still book here, and we can discuss during your consult. Any balance changes we can deal with later. Manifesting your deepest desires in life, begins with a consistent meditation practice. So what are you waiting for? Starting at a minimum of 3 sessions @ $50 each.  Discounts are available when you book multiple sessions in advance (see service packages). Keep in mind that you are booking right now for your consult, not for your actual personalized guided meditation service. This consult is to discuss your needs, so that your session is catered to YOU. If you would like samples of my guided meditations, check out my podcast, "Manifesting You" or on the InsightTimer App as The Spirit Doctor. *No refunds for any bookings, only credits.*

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